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Falling back in love

Leaving Colorado was sad for me. It was a vacation that left me longing to go back and made coming back to the insanity that is NYC very tough. I’m sure it didn’t help that it was 95 degrees and humid! However, my mission this long weekend? Find that spark again!

Thank you, NYC for giving me this past weekend to chew on. I needed every second to saturate me with your charm. I needed it to believe in you and why I’m here.

So what did it? I think it was a combination of things.  For one, having it feel more like september than august. It certainly was a welcome addition to sleep with the windows open and not sweat like I’m out on a 20 mile run walking out the door.

Travel the boroughs. I made it to 4 boroughs and Westchester without the assistance of a car!  I did consider taking the ferry to Staten Island but there just wasn’t enough time.

Kayaking in the NY Harbor

A school in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Friends time! I was able to catch up with several friends this weekend. From running to margaritas at boat basin to running in Van Cortlandt I enjoyed every second.

Running. Duh. Even with the alarm snafu, it was a delightful 18 catching up in my outdoor office:) Sunday meant VCP and a little encounter with the trail:)

I make it up and down a 14,000+ ft mountain and can't make it on a mostly flat trail!

Random. I kayaked with the NY Harbor at my fingertips. All I could do was smile as I realized, “yep, this is home.” It continued as I wandered over to Red Hook for the sake of a delicious bakery and even more gorgeous views of NYC.

Grasshopper brownie from Baked in Red Hook!

Statue of Liberty from Red Hook

This is what it’s about. Not just one thing but everything together makes NYC so special. We’ll have our spats but overall I really do love you NY. Just keep reminding me! 🙂

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home sweet home

Amazing. Just like that I’m a home owner. What a process – seems like a dream. I closed and moved in Monday after the ordeal described last week with the old management company.

I love everything so far! The space is great and the building staff has been oh so helpful. The subway is practically in my building!!

I woke up the first morning and took a run over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun rose. Talk about living in a dream world!

I guess for me this is an ending and beginning at the same time. My old apartment of six years marked my arrival to new york and getting my feet wet in the big apple. Now that I own a piece of the big apple I’m very excited to see what the next phase brings.

For one, I’m more than ecstatic to get my life back. Perhaps I can finally start running with consistency again?!

Come on people – I need to rename the blog. Suggestions???
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