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Tempus fugit

For those that are not in the Latin know, it means “time flies.”  As the end of my 20s approaches, it amazes me to look back at what transpired since 2000. The 20s was truly about ME.   I’ve learned a lot, hit some speed bumps along the way but ultimately have made leaps and bounds over where I was 10 years ago.

A brief synopsis:

  • I graduated from the most awesome university in all the land: PENN STATE!

The Nittany Lion

  • I somehow ended up with a job in Manhattan doing work I didn’t necessarily graduate with a skill set for: engineering.  I graduated with a BS in Info Sciences & Technology with a minor in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.  Best part of the job? I only went to the information session because I was hungry for dinner after classes from 8-5!
  • I moved to New York at the youthful age of 22 without any acquaintances within 50 miles.  I had no idea where Brooklyn was, that there was a such thing as the Manhattan Bridge,  or that I was a runner in the making.  Within 3 months of moving here, I dealt with a bomb scare across the street from my office and the Blackout.  At that point, walking 3.5 miles seemed insane.
  • My first roommate tried to get me on one of those “what not to wear” type of shows.  I came within a millisecond of having that happen.  Hey, I would have gotten a free closet of clothes.  Those that know me should know I have no shame.  Plus, at that point no one knew me in NY;-)
  • I wanted to move out of NY after 6 months here.  Some not so happy times.
  • I became a runner.  It really started because I didn’t want to become fat from sitting on my a** all day in a cube.  7 marathons later (with 8&9 within the next few months), 25+ half marathons later guess that panned out.  It also helped me find “my people.”
  • I met friends, watched them leave (and some return), some faded away.
  • I’ve had some pretty cool vacations: Seattle/Portland/Oregon, Vienna/Salzburg, Prague/Budapest, San Diego, and soon to be…COLORADO!!!
  • I lived in one apartment on the UES with four different roommates over my first 6 years in NY.  Oddly enough 3 of the 4 roommates ended up engaged or in a very serious relationship during my time as a roommate.
  • I decided on Brooklyn after a freezing cold race in Prospect Park in 2009.  I remember walking out of the subway into my current neighborhood and saying “this is it.”  Oddly enough, the first apartment was the one I ended up buying.  Yep, I own a piece of property in NEW YORK F’ing City!  Pretty damn cool. (my goal before 30 was to be roommate-less!)

View from the roofdeck

  • I’ve worked at the same company since moving to New York.
  • I started my blog before blogging became cool.  Born and bred in 2002 over at livejournal.
  • I’ve got one more race left as an F29…this coming Saturday: Club Champs.  First race as a true F30?  Pikes.

Club Champs 2005

If that’s one decade, imagine what the next brings?  Stay tuned.

Celebrating with friends at the Boat Basin in 2005

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