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Exit crankiness

I felt like this before the workout

Sometimes the best workouts stem from when you least want to be there. Ever feel that?

Last night as I was finishing up work for the day, thoughts of going home, throwing on sweats and having a beer entered my head. My energy was depleted and I felt absolutely fatigued. Yet the other side of me kept yelling “November 7!” and “you know you’ll feel better”. The mind is powerful. Even going to the subway I thought about hopping the subway and heading home.

What happened? With @SpeedySasquatch tapering for Chicago (woohoo! Kill it!), the workout wasn’t too rigorous. 6×800. I knew it’d still be tough on tired legs. Tired legs that had not rested in 5 days. Apparently, they’re still speedy and faster?

6×800 (or .52 on the great lawn track)

1. 3:31  6:45 pace

2. 3:29  6:41

3. 3:30 6:43

4. 3:30 6:43

5. 3:28  6:40

6. 3:26  6:36

Woah. Where did this come from? I was pretty excited to throw this down on tired legs and none of my other pacing buddies around for this workout.  The last time we did this I ran a good 4-5 seconds slower.  I definitely like the consistency.  It tells me I wasn’t running an unreasonable pace and hey, I may actually be getting faster.

It’s encouraging and a good shot in the legs to make that final push to November 7th.  I finished feeling like below.

Finally, it’s that time again!  Phillies!!! It’s time to bring out the October magic boys!!  Let’s go!  Bring the World Championship back to Philly!  Sleep may be an issue in the next month…

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Welcome back speedy legs

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve tried to find my speed.  It had gone MIA over the summer as it’s been all about endurance running with minimal  speed work.  This brings us to now.  I’m changing my approach to NYCM slightly than my usual plan.  I’m really trying to incorporate a little more speed and a couple less long runs.  I know the endurance is there!

So that brings me to this week.  Tuesday night I decided to run home after a super long day at the office.  7:40pm I packed up my stuff and headed out the door for home.  The rain had just stopped and the sky  had an orange glow to it with the sun set already.  I love the run home as I get to run away from midtown, not to it!  I intended to just do a normal run but after a cyclist decided to share his feelings with me for no particular reason I guess it energized me.  I arrived home 6.2 miles later realizing I had just run a sub 8 pace (6.24 miles/48:38).  Oops.  I didn’t feel bad but intended to do speed work on Tuesday with the race on Sunday.

Last night was “official” speed work with @SpeedySasquatch.  The assignment? 6 x 800 around the Great Lawn Oval (actually .52).  For me, I wanted to hit 3:35-3:38 for .5 so I figured around 3:38 was fine for today.  As I told my friend ES, famous last words.  What happened?  Pacemaster has returned!  As well as the legs!

Time Pace
1 3:36 6:55
2 3:33 6:49
3 3:34 6:51
4 3:34 6:51
5 3:34 6:51 (pacemaster anyone?)
6 3:28 6:40 (Helllooooo!)

Post speed of course we did the usual core with the mosquitos. Sigh.  Apparently they were very hungry!  As was I…I woke up ready to eat everything in sight!

Sunday brings a return to the racing world.  Let’s see how the legs respond.  Ultimately it’s just another step in the march towards November 7th.  I’m excited.  After last year, who knows what will happen?

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