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That’s right. I’m taking my first FULL week vacation since I started work over 2 years ago!  I’m heading to Cape Cod for the week….which should be complete relaxation!  As a matter of fact, things are so laid back…things go in reverse:)

Anyway, before I go as most have heard the big news is NYC’s reaction to the bombings in London.  We now may be subjected to random searches of bags/packages in the subways/buses.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  One is that the city’s job is to keep people safe and this may be a way to start to try and create a prevention.  You can never really prevent someone from blowing themselves up but perhaps deter them by the fact that they may be searched before reaching their “destination.”  However, at the same time, how do you really think this will be random?  Who’s more likely to be searched with a bag: a white wall street guy or the middle eastern man with a backpack? I tend to think that most people will be OK with this because most have nothing to hide.  I mean I’ll show my bag to any officer without a problem…I carry a backpack most days to work because I have my gym clothes and makeup.  They’re the ones that have to smell it;0)

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