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Well, it’s here.  The birthday has come and shortly will be gone.  I’m now in the Rocky Mountains!  So the birthday…

The day started with a 5:40am wakeup to meet the bridges ladies – both old and new.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have two groups of great people to help get me out of bed to get the miles in before work.  Today it all came together.  This, in itself, was a birthday present.  I smiled as I ran over the Brooklyn Bridge with a gorgeous sunrise beyond the Manhattan Bridge.  Arriving at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, I was pleased to see the whole crew, ES, MP, SS, and CB.  SS and CB getting me through the Beantown training and ES and MP as I’ve logged the miles for Pikes.  I’m sure most other runners can confidently say there’s nothing better than great company for runs.

Anyway, we logged the miles, chatted a ton, and took in the views.  8.5 miles later I headed home.  Amazing how quickly the time will jet on by…

The middle was filled in by work.  Nothing to see here.

Finally, the family was up to meet me for dinner after work in my neighborhood.  I suggested Noodle Pudding since it’s gotten rave reviews from other people I know in the ‘hood.  Again, it just made me smile to have family to be around.  Not just my mom and dad (which is awesome anyway) but my two grandparents from Florida.  We enjoyed delicious Italian (mine being pasta with roasted tomato and ricotta cheese) as well as shared a bottle of wine.  Never underestimate the power of family.

The night wasn’t over as I was able to go enjoy the wonders of a spectacular sunset.  Thanks for the birthday present, NYC


So with that I’m in Colorado – time to prepare for the race! 🙂  Blogging will be sporadic,,,as I intend to enjoy a lot of the outdoors!  Mmmm mountains…

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Birthday fun

The past week has definitely been jam packed with the good, bad and definitely ugly. I hope the next year isn’t as insane as this past week. I don’t think I’ll make it if it is;)

Last weekend, while fun, definitely wore me thin. A brief recap: dinner with teammates Friday evening before the race, Birthday which included a call from my parents at 6:43am (yes, it’s tradition), Club Champs race, running around town to prepare for my night out on the town, birthday silliness at the boat basin, meet my brother and his wife for brunch sunday, help SL move.. Oh and this does not include the mental anguish which I can’t go into detail about here.

With all that, I didn’t get my long run in this past weekend. I also just did not feel like running at all. It was really weird because I’ve never had such a sensation before. I met Pink Monkey Tuesday morning to get a 12 miler in and I was miserable. I felt terrible and I think my comment to her summed it up well “this is honestly the last thing I really want to be doing right now.” Again, I attribute this to other aspects of life going on. It probably didn’t help that it was dark and rainy.

Oh yeah! Other good news! I got a promotion at work! I’m officially labeled an “Engineer.” No, I do not wear a pocket protector:-p

Well I’m in Philly this weekend and 20 miler #1 is tomorrow. My dad (the coolest guy ever!) is going to run the entire 20 with me:)

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Welcome to the late 20s…

Today marks another birthday.  Today could mark other things that shall not be announced as of now=)

Off to Central Park for club champs!  Woohoo!

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I’m a Leo – hear me roar!

Following in the footsteps of others..I give you the highlights of August 18th according to wikipedia!

Some notables that share my day:

And of course the horoscope:

Happy Birthday: Strategy and a driving competitiveness will be the answer to getting what you want. Keeping on top of everything that is going on will bring you the respect and success you desire. This is the year to prove your worth through the actions you take. Your numbers are 6, 11, 25, 36, 40, 47

Funny…I never was that competitive before moving to NY.  I guess it does change you in one way or another…

Off to the beach to rest up (and of course getting my obligatory bakery items!) so I can drag out my ultra competitive self tomorrow morning=)  I think I’ll see a few of you out there tomorrow morning, no?

Have I mentioned….FIVE days til I head to the left coast???

My birthday weekend extravaganza goes like this:

  • Boat Basin Thursday evening to let the drinks flow since my actual birthday was the day before a race (would not go over well to party the night before the Team Championships!)
  • Beach Friday for my birthday in NJ. A nice day spent on the beach listening to the waves crash on shore and well…me to eat a lot of sand after wiping out via boogie board.
  • Friday night dinner with friends
  • Back to the curly hair place Saturday after the race so I can look pretty for the last 2 weddings I have this year.
  • Night out for drinks with some of the best friends one could have in NYC
  • A slow 9.5 plod around the park Sunday afternoon
  • Mostly Mozart with Sempre Libera Sunday evening
  • Emack&Bolio to culminate the weekend
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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Uptown Girl! Uptown Girl, my livejournal, turns 4 today.  It’s survived a lot in four years.  Four years, a full Presidential term…though I use that term loosely;-) 570 entries, well 571 counting this one…665 people have dared to comment.  It’s gone through the ups and downs of what is called my life…a name change or two.  It’s seen the fun and games of college life to the life of a 20 something in New York City.  My ramblings have gone from finding an internship to a full time job to moving to New York. From dancing in THON 2002 to running a marathon (or two!) to throwing people in my judo class.  Not to mention my fortunes of the best roomie in the world in college to the horrors of finding roommates in NYC.  We’ve endured one Bush term, witnessed the end of the Boston Red Sox curse, a blackout, transit strike, the return of Penn State football…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Definitely a lot of change from being that junior at Penn State…for better? I think so but I guess you, my readership, can also judge that. Amazing…I’ve never been so diligent to keeping a record of something…oh the days of digitalization.

Oh but there were times that Uptown Girl almost died. It’s gone through spurts where it most likely felt abandoned as I just was unmotivated to write.  However, I always seemed to come back at some point and talk about anything that came to mind. And I think it was for the better… 

But we march on into 2006 alive and well…ready for a second term.   So where does Uptown Girl go from here? I don’t know…I guess you’ll have to continue to read to find out….and for me just live life. 

Happy Birthday, Uptown Girl….here’s to more thoughts to share in the days, months and years to come.

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Tomorrow is the club championships race in Central Park.  It’s my first time racing this as a member of The Reservoir Dogs, err well considering I wasn’t on a team before….first time ever!  I’m pretty excited and I think I can score points for my team…. The last five mile race I ran hard was back in November when I ran my way to a 38:41….but we’ll see as the weather definitely may play havoc.

Well all was good to go but it had to be the same weekend as my birthday!  Last night I went out and partied hard with my friends.  A short synaposis: Start at 6pm. Eat a few nachos. Drink way too many strawberry margaritas (4? 5?). Broken Lis. One would think you would become wiser with another year…but I’m afraid my friends you do not.  If anything, you retract! Not to worry though I’m resting up today and will be ready for tomorrow!

However, in the end, a good time had by all!  I know I did have fun….and a whole lot of good people to celebrate with!  Thankfully birthdays come once a year…not so sure I could handle it more than that…

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