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Pinch me

Boston. 26.2. 3rd Monday in April. A dream about to be realized. Quick someone pinch me to make sure I’m not dreaming!

I’ve said after each marathon I’ve run that each has its own story to get to the finish line (well, the start line I suppose). This one didn’t disappoint. I’ve experienced the highs, lows and in betweens. I ran up the Empire State Building, chatted through a 1:43 half (?!), and experienced a low in mid-Feb. The weather has been less than cooperative – most memorable is a tie between the 14 miler I did in December in 10 degrees and windchill in the negatives and of course the 20 miler on the ice skating rink with a 4 mile race at the end. Work did its usual to try and mess up my schedule. With the exception of one week from hell, I’ve been able to stay on track.

This time around I had a new cast of characters to help me find my way through the journey to Boston. Thanks to the social networking site of twitter and dailymile I’ve been able to have virtual support as well as a few that have become real life friends (you know who you are). My teammates, The Reservoir Dogs also have been a source of encouragement. It’s been refreshing, rejuvenating and most of all, fun. I don’t think words calculate how appreciative I am.

Balance. It worked for me in MCM for 2005 and 2009 so I’ve tried to keep to that trend. My mileage never went sky high (one week of 50) but I kept the fitness level up and kept it fun. Those that know me well, know I can’t survive a regimented schedule. It just isn’t me. I do enough of that during the week! Swimming became a cross-training day I looked forward to on Mondays – who would have believed that one???

Keep it fun. This is a HUGE one. It goes right along with balance but I don’t think it’s an accident that my two best marathon times have come from just enjoying my training. My long runs felt like parties with a final destination to look forward to at the end. Does it get much better than knowing a delicious croissant awaits at the end of 22 miles?

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m ready. What I’m ready for? I’m ready to do battle with 26.2 on Monday. It’s a distance I respect and my training shows that consistency.

So thank you all for your support. I can’t say it enough.

I’ll finish with this:
I still recall my dad (sub 3 marathoner in his day!) saying to me when I was training for my first marathon back in 2004: “when you make it to Boston, I will buy you your jacket.” Notice the wording: when. He would ask if I wanted one at my other marathons and I’d decline. There’s only one I want which will be in my hands after I cross the finish line April 19.

How this story ends? Stay tuned!

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Music for the sole;-)

With the last long run complete I’ve set my sights on 2 weeks from today. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know I’ve been training like a mad woman for Boston – 26.2 style.

Music. It captures so much. For me, it tells a story. I still relive the magic from MCM 2005 and add-on to it (with some songs not making the cut). Songs remind me of triumph, glory and the times I got knocked down.

So here’s where you come in. What song would you put on a marathon playlist? I’m looking to put a collective one for Boston – mine + songs from friends. The song can be anything – one that has meaning to you, one that you think is a good fit for me, etc. It’s always interesting to see what songs come to mind.

I’ll pick 3 random people to send the updated playlist to (and an added surprise)).

Here’s my go to songs (not your typical list – be warned – heavy emphasis on trance/techno/remix – high beat)
* indicates on my original 2005 MCM list
* Doors – chakra
Desire – U2
Killer 2000 – ATB
Force of Gravity (remix) – DJ Tiesto
Power of You – cristan burns/Dj tiesto
* Discover the World – kaskanova
Let You Go – ATB
Sunrise – ashita
* One More Day – Dario G
No Way Home – Richard Durand
* Faithfulness (remix) – Skin
Daybreaker – Kenny Hayes
* Ready to Go – republica
* Never to late – dario g
Vicious Circle – john dahlbeck
Turn it Around – 4 strings
Adagio for strings – DJ tiesto
Believe In Me (Clubb Mix) – ATB
* Everybody’s free – Rozella
* Sounds Good – Rimini Projekt
Flesh (Tilt’s going home) – BT (feat jan johnston)
Magik Journey – DJ Tiesto
Southern Sun – paul oakenfold
Power of American Natives – Dance 2 Trance
Nothing in my way – Keane
*Give me the power – Voodoo and Serano
Wilderness – Jurgen Vries
Surreal – Say it
Innocente (Mr Sams’s The Space Between Us Mix) – Delerium
Just Be – DJ Tiesto

Carry on…I’m going back to my taper-me-silly phase. 2 weeks til go time.

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A New Day Ahead

It’s amazing how much running is like life.  You could be having an awful time with it and then take a complete 180 the next.  That’s exactly  my life in general and running the past 7 days.  Life has been a draining task at work for many reasons as well as in family/personal life.  It showed in my running.  I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  Then came yesterday.

I awoke at an uncool hour of 6am to meet a group of runners up at 181st street (whose idea was this???).  Our mission: bang out 14-15 miles on the way to City Bakery way down at 18th street.  I was planning to meet up with Boston or Die Trying for a mile or two before hand.That meant a lovely trip utilizing the MTA weekend service. Yikes.  I mapped it out and it seemed easy enough.  I take the 2,3 to 96th and transfer to the 1.  About 30-35 minutes. Not bad.  I’m on the 2,3 and after Chambers we pull into Franklin. Uh oh. It’s running local which means I will hit EVERY single stop up to 181st street.  For those of you scoring at home, 30 stops.  Thank goodness I brought the ipod and ran into ironing.it.out at 96th street.  Since I got there on time instead of early, I scrapped that idea and decided to add-on to the end if need be.

After a few brief introductions ( a few newbies), we exited the warm confines of Starbucks for the vicious winds of the West Side Highway.  The beginning of the course resembled cross-country skiing more than running.  It also made for a very windy and cold commute down to City Bakery.  The wind was relentless striking us in the face at every able moment.  However, having the awesome company made it easier to bear.  The 15 miles seemed to evaporate faster than last year’s summer (we didn’t have one).  Conversation consisted of everything but running which was wonderful.  If I recall correctly there was talk of food (duh!), cats and dogs, spring, and anything else under the sun but running. We kept a LSD pace a shade under 9 which is deceiving with the brutal headwinds.  When we made it down to 18th street and realized I would hit 15 miles I bagged the idea of running a little longer.  When the finish line is so near, forget running extra!  Plus, my marathon experience has taught me adding an extra mile is not going to make or break you.

Post run at City Bakery

This run is what I hope is a jump-start for the next 9 weeks to Boston.  I felt great out there today and I really enjoyed new company for the long run (quite literally).   It’s also awesome to see the different personalities that come out of people.  It reminds me why I love New York so much – it takes you out of your comfort zone and the ability to meet such a variety of people.

So thank you to those that came out yesterday because this may have been one of those transforming runs that come out of training for an event.  Time will tell but I do know I’m starting to feel that rekindled flame to get out there and kick ass.  Yep, I said it.  Game on.

(Finally, don’t forget to vote for my photo: http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/16460.  Leave a comment at the end of the blog post voting for me:)  Sixth photo down – the sepia photo).

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