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What makes you tick?

When I run, I think about a lot of things. There are silly things to calm the mind from an exhausting work day or perhaps how to obtain world peace. However, when running with others I like to get into a simple question: what is your passion? What makes you get out of bed in the morning? All too often, there’s an attitude of ‘I have to..” Not good. Sign of someone lacking that fire. I have suffered from that disease. not a good one!

Me? What makes me go these days?

– carpe diem (“seize the day”). Each day means a new experience ahead. Go get it!

one day I woke up and said, time to run up the empire state building...

– my home. I’m fortunate enough to wake up in my space. So grateful for that every day. I’ve earned my way to home ownership. Love it!

I love my neighborhood!

– friends & family. This is a post within itself. The past year has been a transition of sorts with so many wonderful new friends entering my life. It really has been a source of feeling more alive than ever.  In a city like NYC, it’s easy to get buried beneath all the chaos.

My 93 yr old strong as nails mom-mom and nephew

vacation with friends out in Oregon in 2006

– running. It’s been a source that has helped me become the person I am today. As I’ve expressed before, I wouldn’t be in NYC without it.

Hood to Coast. Always smiling:)

First Boston. Bottom of heartbreak with dad!

– photography.  I’ve been told I’ve got a good eye behind the lens.  I just bought an SLR and what fun I’ve had with it!

Snowy NYC

– NYC.  Though I have my fights with it, overall I love it here.  It’s true if you can make it here…

Love ya NYC

-engineering.  Sure it drives me crazy sometimes but I do spend a lot of time doing this.  I sure as heck better enjoy it.  Plus, come on who can resist a girl with a hard hat? Haha!

– Food.  Sure laugh but with all this training I can enjoy the finer things in life:)

-the promenade.  This is my spot after a long day to decompress.  Simply awesome.

Sunset rocks!

– summer.  I love it.  Sure you sweat but you’re outdoors!!  When it’s “freeze your butt off” weather, everyone’s indoors.  No fun!  Give me the heat!

– summer rain.  It’s fun to get caught in one monster rain storm.  Last year on my birthday was the crazy rain/thunderstorm.  Once wet you may as well make the most of it;)

Singing in the rain!

This list could go on and on….it’s a good reminder that no matter how you may feel at a particular time, there’s a lot to be thankful and excited for out in the world!

I’m off to a wedding upstate this weekend.  Hope everyone stays cool – enjoy an ice cream!

Pretty flowers in Ft Tryon!

So, what makes you tick?  Interesting to think about…

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