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Almost showtime…

We’re 15 days til showtime, NYC style. The excitement is starting to build as this will complete my year of 30. My last long run is tomorrow as MP and I will complete the last 16 of the course. If that doesn’t pump one up, not sure anything will!

So Meals for Miles brought up the always present question: goals!

It may sound hokey but finishing and wanting to do another 26.2 is #1. It sounds simple but after completing my Chitown cycle me and running weren’t friends for a little while.  Never want to feel like that again!

#2. Time? I always set A,B.C goals.  It leads itself to creating concrete times.  A goal? 3:35. B goal? Sub 3:40. C goal? Sub 3:50.  Will I be upset if something happens and I don’t meet these goals? Sure but I know after 8 of these sometimes it just isn’t your day (see steamtown, Chicago and Philly).  The marathon is about everything coming together on that day.  It’s hard but it truly is an amazing feeling to be clicking on all cylinders.

#3. Celebrate the year of 30. I ran NYCM in 2004 just a year and a few months after moving here. I didn’t know many people. This year I’ll have friends, family, coworkers along the course! It should be pretty awesome:) I’m pretty psyched this is how my year of 30 will finish.

Taper is in full effect. I’m trying to keep the hip tendonitis quiet and keeping the mind rested. I find this time period when I cleanse the body and mind. It’s a tricky balance as anyone that has suffered through the taperworm knows:) I’ll throw in some pace runs to keep the legs fresh but as my dad astutely has said “you can never run too little during a taper.” (I can attest as last year the week before MCM I didn’t run the week beforE!)

Suffice to say it looks like work will be nutty again before the race. There’s one solid way to stay preoccupied:) I’m typing this on my way home after another 12 hour day (finished today). Runners kitchen wrote about that balance but man it’s gotten harder as I’ve worked my way up the corporate food chain!  Hence the blog silence.

11.5 miles this morning – great company, good conversation, and the  miles flew by with a bridges and east river run.

As for that topic about a certain race in April, I think it’s been beaten to death. It’ll be what it’ll be.

Keep runnin’!

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With a nice snowstorm halting activities tonight, it’s time to think about what 2010 brings.  Yes, it will be a celebration towards the big 3-0 but what does that entail? Oh, running wise, INSANITY.  Insanity I tell you!  So what are those crazy goals to ring in the big 3-0?

1.  Boston Marathon 2010 – April 19, 2010.  I’ll be there! Awww yeah!!
2.  NYC Marathon 2010 – Qualified.  Sign up in February. November 7, 2010
3.  Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon 2010 – signed up.  June 26, 2010
4.  Philadelphia Distance Run (sorry I won’t refer to it as that new name) – September 19, 2010
5.  Empire State Building Run-up – sent in the application, find out if application accepted in early January – Feb 2, 2010


6.  PIKES PEAK MARATHON!  Sign up is in March and I have a friend out in Colorado.  It’ll be my 3-0 birthday weekend and oh what other way to celebrate other than run up and down a mountain? Ok, don’t answer that:)

Sprinkle in some other NYRR halves and whatever else may come.  And you have a pretty busy running year.

Goals time wise?

Sub 1:40 half.  Very doable.  But need to make it happen.
Sub 3:40 full.  Duh.
New 4 mile PR (28:51 currently)

Obviously, with a rigorous schedule, I will need to be careful with my training.  I’m planning to follow a similar plan to this year which is be smart and cross train.  I plan to limit running to 4x a week (max 5x certain weeks).  And most important, keep it fun.  Without that, this crazy schedule can’t become reality.  So help me realize my dreams and follow my adventures over 2010.

2009, you’ve been fun but 2010 – I’m coming for you!

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Right now…

Sometimes I feel like I’m better at thinking in the future than what to do in the next week.  I always thought most people did the reverse..but I suppose there has to be an oddball in the bunch.  Things have come up that have helped me to this decision but I finally have filled out the application and will take the plunge…no not for a race, but to take my certification this fall.  This means I will get to know the wonders of studying once again (*sigh*). Naturally the test is Rosh Hashanah weekend but it’s the only time I can take it before they turn it over to a new edition. The material is a lot (2200+ pages!) but being three years into this work life, I need to start making a direction for myself.  I think this is what I need to do for right now.

Now that I’ve settled that, I’ve also decided to abort another goal for right now.  As much as I had hoped to do a tri this summer, it’s just not in the cards for right now.  I just haven’t been able to put in the necessary time of biking/swimming but I’m OK with that.  Right now, my focus is running.  And honestly, I’d be stupid to start trying to put myself in other areas at this point.  In the past few months I’ve seen my running improve immensely and I think I’m on the cusp of breaking into further speedy territory.  I’m up to 30-35 miles per week on a consistent basis and feeling in tip top shape.  I’m not going to quit biking/swimming on a recreational basis as I think it has been a huge asset to my running.  So now that makes me all the more excited for right now we are hitting prime running season….no more building up, it’s gametime baby! 

So what brought me to that decision?  Well, for one I can thank my dad.  He didn’t make the decision for me but I used him as the example.  I can do a tri later…but there’s only so many years you can get faster (OK, so I still want to PR when I’m 40…).  In any event, he’s starting tris now so why can’t I do the same later on?  I love to run so it’d be silly to give awaysomething that makes me happy.

Finally, what’s the deal with everyone’s brother getting married right now?  Not only did my brother just get married, but two coworkers brothers are getting or got married within the past two weeks, not to mention a blogger or two;-)

In any event, right now I’m off to finish off a bit more studying about cellular floor systems…I know you’re jealous…contain yourselves!

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