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Six weeks

This week brought the first of the mother load weeks in the march to November 7.  Feeling completely back up to speed from Pikes, I’ve started to incorporate not just Tuesdays with @SpeedySasquatch but Thursday Tempo work.  I’m hoping to continue this to teach the body about what to do on marathon day;)  52 miles happened this week – no wonder I’m zonked.  What happened?

Tuesday I ran with the Tuesday crew which looking back wasn’t the smartest decision.  We did hill work and while I wasn’t sore from Philly my legs just didn’t have that ‘gear.’  I knew it right away and just set in comfortably and not pushing something that wasn’t there.  If there is one thing I have learned from 8 marathon training sessions, don’t push your luck.

Thursday I awoke and knew tempo was on the docket.  Warm up across the Brooklyn Bridge and rather than the WSH I headed east to enjoy the sunrise with my tempo.  I went by time and averaged 8:15s with a 7:35 last mile home (4ish miles of tempo total).  Felt good and legs were much happier than Sunday.

Yesterday brought another blast of summer.  I met up with MP by the GWB and rather than roads we hit the trails.  I missed them so much!  We stuck to the trails for all 19 miles and avoided the crazy heat.  While the time is slower than a usual long run, I find the trails work my core/stability quite a bit.  Not to mention it keeps things fun.  It also keeps the legs happy – too much roads makes for cranky legs!

Today brought the grungy bridges run.  What’s that?  My 8ish mile route that includes the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges, Chinatown, and the Brooklyn waterfront by the navy yard.  It’s not very scenic but I find this route relaxing.  It’s not crowded and I’m able to just zone out.

After the run, I got to enjoy others use that speedy twitch in the 5th avenue mile.

Women's pro race

The pro men's race

Local elites - men

Local elite - women.

It should be noted I walked along CP South after the race.  I definitely thought about what it will feel like in 6 weeks…

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