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Birthday fun

The past week has definitely been jam packed with the good, bad and definitely ugly. I hope the next year isn’t as insane as this past week. I don’t think I’ll make it if it is;)

Last weekend, while fun, definitely wore me thin. A brief recap: dinner with teammates Friday evening before the race, Birthday which included a call from my parents at 6:43am (yes, it’s tradition), Club Champs race, running around town to prepare for my night out on the town, birthday silliness at the boat basin, meet my brother and his wife for brunch sunday, help SL move.. Oh and this does not include the mental anguish which I can’t go into detail about here.

With all that, I didn’t get my long run in this past weekend. I also just did not feel like running at all. It was really weird because I’ve never had such a sensation before. I met Pink Monkey Tuesday morning to get a 12 miler in and I was miserable. I felt terrible and I think my comment to her summed it up well “this is honestly the last thing I really want to be doing right now.” Again, I attribute this to other aspects of life going on. It probably didn’t help that it was dark and rainy.

Oh yeah! Other good news! I got a promotion at work! I’m officially labeled an “Engineer.” No, I do not wear a pocket protector:-p

Well I’m in Philly this weekend and 20 miler #1 is tomorrow. My dad (the coolest guy ever!) is going to run the entire 20 with me:)

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