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Just Be

As some of you may know, or not, running has given me the ability to “just be.” Everyone looks for a way to fit in to a niche or area in life. No matter how much we try and say we want to be a part of it all, each of us looks for that place to ‘just be’.

It’s funny for me to look back on my time in NY now. When I moved here, my first roommate tried to transform me into someone I am not. Let’s just say she tried to make me conform to the black pants crowd on the UES…yikes. She even *gulp* signed me up for one of those shows like “what not to wear” of which it’s scary how close I was to being on said show. Super yikes. While it worked for a little while, my heart wasn’t in it. It wasn’t me. If I’m not all into it, forget it. I wasn’t allowed to…just be.

For me, to just be means doing it ‘my way.’ Sometimes it means an unorthodox, non-conventional way to mainstream, but that’s how I roll (my running attire? Bring on the bright colors!). My 7 year anniversary of my move to NY is coming (June 1st)…which coincidentally matches up with my move to my first ‘home’ in Brooklyn.

Do I think I’ve learned to ‘just be?’ Yes and no. I think life always throws curveballs to throw me off my ‘just be’ track. I’ve become more conscious of it and when I feel myself going away from it, I try and find my way back. This past year my track has taken me to Brooklyn [this was a pretty gigantic step given the crazy economic timing and the fact that I was leaving my ‘comfort’ zone] and ultimately a new cast of characters has entered my life. Running wise I’ve branched out with tackling new races and ultimately have formed new friendships.

It’s pretty fantastic to feel confident in who you are. I think this is what people talk about when they say getting to your thirties isn’t a bad thing. I’m happy with who I’ve become in the seven years since I arrived in NYC. I’ve been able to discover who I am and want to continue to become. So bring it F30….and oh, that big hill thing 4 days after;-)

You can travel the world
But you can’t run away
From the person you are in your heart
You can be who you want to be
Make us believe in you
Keep all your light in the dark
You’re searching for truth
You must look in the mirror
And make sense of what you can see
Just be

They say learning to love yourself
Is the first step
But you take what you want to be real
Flying on planes to exotic locations
Won’t teach you
How you really feel
Face up to the fact
That you are who you are
And nothing can change that belief
Just be

Cause now I know
It’s not so far
To where I go
The hardest part
It’s inside me
I need
To just be
Just be
~Tiesto – Just Be

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