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A New Day Ahead

It’s amazing how much running is like life.  You could be having an awful time with it and then take a complete 180 the next.  That’s exactly  my life in general and running the past 7 days.  Life has been a draining task at work for many reasons as well as in family/personal life.  It showed in my running.  I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  Then came yesterday.

I awoke at an uncool hour of 6am to meet a group of runners up at 181st street (whose idea was this???).  Our mission: bang out 14-15 miles on the way to City Bakery way down at 18th street.  I was planning to meet up with Boston or Die Trying for a mile or two before hand.That meant a lovely trip utilizing the MTA weekend service. Yikes.  I mapped it out and it seemed easy enough.  I take the 2,3 to 96th and transfer to the 1.  About 30-35 minutes. Not bad.  I’m on the 2,3 and after Chambers we pull into Franklin. Uh oh. It’s running local which means I will hit EVERY single stop up to 181st street.  For those of you scoring at home, 30 stops.  Thank goodness I brought the ipod and ran into ironing.it.out at 96th street.  Since I got there on time instead of early, I scrapped that idea and decided to add-on to the end if need be.

After a few brief introductions ( a few newbies), we exited the warm confines of Starbucks for the vicious winds of the West Side Highway.  The beginning of the course resembled cross-country skiing more than running.  It also made for a very windy and cold commute down to City Bakery.  The wind was relentless striking us in the face at every able moment.  However, having the awesome company made it easier to bear.  The 15 miles seemed to evaporate faster than last year’s summer (we didn’t have one).  Conversation consisted of everything but running which was wonderful.  If I recall correctly there was talk of food (duh!), cats and dogs, spring, and anything else under the sun but running. We kept a LSD pace a shade under 9 which is deceiving with the brutal headwinds.  When we made it down to 18th street and realized I would hit 15 miles I bagged the idea of running a little longer.  When the finish line is so near, forget running extra!  Plus, my marathon experience has taught me adding an extra mile is not going to make or break you.

Post run at City Bakery

This run is what I hope is a jump-start for the next 9 weeks to Boston.  I felt great out there today and I really enjoyed new company for the long run (quite literally).   It’s also awesome to see the different personalities that come out of people.  It reminds me why I love New York so much – it takes you out of your comfort zone and the ability to meet such a variety of people.

So thank you to those that came out yesterday because this may have been one of those transforming runs that come out of training for an event.  Time will tell but I do know I’m starting to feel that rekindled flame to get out there and kick ass.  Yep, I said it.  Game on.

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