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131 miles

This week brought about monster mileage week #1 in the buildup to August 22.  As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, my body doesn’t do well with super high mileage running.  As such, instead of all running, I weaved in some cycling which definitely helps work the quads, hamstrings and calves…all essential for my adventure.  Some may not stand by the cross training, but I do.  I feel it keeps me on my toes, keeps me fresh, and most important, keeps it fun.  Ultimately, that’s my goal out there.  If you would have told me I would bike/run 131 miles in a week I would give you a crazy eye.  Well, guess I can give you the crazy eye because that’s exactly what happened.

Monday started out with my first bike ride to Nyack coming off of back to back long runs.  Definitely tough to do on tired legs but as I’ve mentioned, I’m working on that ingredient – getting used to what it feels like to be working off of a tired set of legs.  I know that is something I’ll run into out in Colorado.

Tuesday, since it was 103 degrees outside, I opted for the treadmill to get a quality workout.  Since it’s tough to find consistent hills in NYC, it gave a good opportunity to play with the inclines on the tready.  It made for a solid sweaty 4.5 mile workout.

Wednesday was an easy day.  Just a commute to and from work via the bike.  However, I always forget how obnoxious buildings get about bikes.  Our work hours have transferred to summer hours.  Meaning no matter what I’m here longer than the freight is open.  This meant a bit of a confrontation to start the day at 7:15am.  Not fun.  No, I’m not leaving my bike isolated on an NYC street hoping no one steals it!  Real reason I rode? I was afraid of the power problems in the city even though ConEd assured us they were “on it.” Ha.  Maybe they’re on it making sure your energy bill will be sky-high after this month…

Thursday!  Back to VCP for the cross-country races.  This time there was a twist.  Instead of a typical race, this race was a relay!  I teamed up with Runnin’ Around Uptown to form Team “Heights to Heights.”  I’m sure you can figure it out if you think hard enough.  If not.  Think harder.  Anyway, once we got our bibs we saw it said F56?!  At which point we went down to say hello to Ari and Joe which made us feel better, M90.  Hehe.  The route was different from the other races as we tackled Cemetery Hill.  I didn’t wear a watch so I have no idea what time I ran it in all I know is I love these races – you just run hard.  It burns, but feels so good at the same time.  Anyway, I chatted with Ari waiting for our teammates to come in.  Runnin’ Around Uptown came in and it turns out we took 1st place in our age division. The prize? Muffins!  Best award ever!

Friday morning it was back to it as I met up with All That Matters is what makes you happy and ironing.it.out for my pre-work long run #1 of the weekend.  We met up for a bridges route before I continued on with MP to work.  All in all, a solid 12.5 miles before work.  Not bad.

Saturday brought long run #2 which would be done completely on my own.  Not only that, I was tackling the Palisades which makes it extra tough.  Add to it oppressive humidity and it makes for a very challenging run.  However, as I’ve stated time and time again, I’ll take this over 14 degrees ANY DAY.  I did my 8 mile route x 2 which gave me the cliff stairs twice.  I enjoyed it but it’s definitely tough to be out there alone – I’m a people person when it comes to running generally.  But what must be done, will get done.  16.7 miles total.

Sunday brought along Nyack ride #2 of the week.  This time there were about 10 of us riding out to Nyack.  It was a great crew and made for an enjoyable way to spend my Sunday morning.  It always reminds me why I do all these athletic endeavors – to spend time with quality people!  My legs were definitely feeling the miles on the way back which is pretty much all UP hill.  I just kept thinking: “this is only going to make you stronger – can’t get up a mountain being weak.”  With that ride, 131 miles in the bank – all without pounding my legs but still getting them active.

Amy, Samantha and I at Runcible Spoon for snack before riding back

Tonight brought an end to two weeks of craziness with speedwork, 4 x 1 mile.  Very consistent splits, nothing outrageous and everything well within control.  Miles ranged from 7:10-7:20 and felt pretty good.

To give you an idea here’s a graph since June 30th…

I leave you with a picture of Manhattanhenge.  For people like me, it’s super cool to have such symmetry.

Have a great Wednesday all!  I’m looking forward to R&R!

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