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Music for the sole;-)

With the last long run complete I’ve set my sights on 2 weeks from today. Unless you’re living under a rock, you know I’ve been training like a mad woman for Boston – 26.2 style.

Music. It captures so much. For me, it tells a story. I still relive the magic from MCM 2005 and add-on to it (with some songs not making the cut). Songs remind me of triumph, glory and the times I got knocked down.

So here’s where you come in. What song would you put on a marathon playlist? I’m looking to put a collective one for Boston – mine + songs from friends. The song can be anything – one that has meaning to you, one that you think is a good fit for me, etc. It’s always interesting to see what songs come to mind.

I’ll pick 3 random people to send the updated playlist to (and an added surprise)).

Here’s my go to songs (not your typical list – be warned – heavy emphasis on trance/techno/remix – high beat)
* indicates on my original 2005 MCM list
* Doors – chakra
Desire – U2
Killer 2000 – ATB
Force of Gravity (remix) – DJ Tiesto
Power of You – cristan burns/Dj tiesto
* Discover the World – kaskanova
Let You Go – ATB
Sunrise – ashita
* One More Day – Dario G
No Way Home – Richard Durand
* Faithfulness (remix) – Skin
Daybreaker – Kenny Hayes
* Ready to Go – republica
* Never to late – dario g
Vicious Circle – john dahlbeck
Turn it Around – 4 strings
Adagio for strings – DJ tiesto
Believe In Me (Clubb Mix) – ATB
* Everybody’s free – Rozella
* Sounds Good – Rimini Projekt
Flesh (Tilt’s going home) – BT (feat jan johnston)
Magik Journey – DJ Tiesto
Southern Sun – paul oakenfold
Power of American Natives – Dance 2 Trance
Nothing in my way – Keane
*Give me the power – Voodoo and Serano
Wilderness – Jurgen Vries
Surreal – Say it
Innocente (Mr Sams’s The Space Between Us Mix) – Delerium
Just Be – DJ Tiesto

Carry on…I’m going back to my taper-me-silly phase. 2 weeks til go time.

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