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Admit it.  You have something you do before every long run, race, or event you take part in.  I do.  Though I’m a numbers girl at heart and understand that pretty much everything is black and white (sorry English majors!), there’s certain things that I feel are left to a higher power: superstitions. For me, habits form and I have a good race which means that it must be due to the extraneous factors, not the work in the race, right? 😉 

So what are some of mine? 

Bib number.  This is crucial.  There’s something to be said about a nice, symmetrical number.  Take for instance my PDR Bib number last year: 3404.  Nice number.  MCM? 8155 (notice the 9 squared and double 5s).  Two PRs. Two nice numbers.  Yep, I never claimed to be normal:)  This year? 4011. Eh.  Just not as fun of a number. NYCM?  16753.  Jury’s out on this one.  Trying to find the significance.  Although I find it fun that I was writing this post the day of bib numbers being posted. Hmmm… 

Clothing.  Yep there’s something to be said about race day wear.  I had been with a running team for my previous marathons but still opted to not wear my team’s wear in most races.  Why?  I had success with my Penn State singlet, blue Brooks shorts, pink hat and Mizuno Inspires at MCM (both times).  It’s become my official marathon jersey if you will.  Guess it worked out I’m doing NYC this year as a free agent. 


Cruising through Beantown


Food.  I get finicky on this one.  My stomach has a mind of it’s own and it doesn’t take much for it to freak out.  That’s why the night before MCM both times I ate at  Facia Luna in Virginia.  It also is located in Happy Valley.  So it gave me the Penn State love…or at least that’s what I think!  Before a race I stick to bread and peanut butter.  I don’t curve away from this.  OK so maybe for a marathon I go crazy with a bagel and peanut butter.  If it’s a half marathon I can stick to one piece of bread and peanut butter.  Longer? I up it to 2 pieces.  Nothing fancy. 

I heart PB & Co.


Music.  Can I share a secret? I’ve got a certain song that I play before every big race.  I’m not telling you what it is because the power of the song may diminish.  I told you I am superstitious;-)  I also have certain other songs picked out based upon the type of race.  I guess that’s the math/science geek coming out. 

Post-race? I’m a burger, fries, coke and black&white cookie kind of girl.  November 7th you know what I’ll be indulging post 26.2 miles. 

burger and fries 

black and white cookie 

I also do not run the day before the race.  Whether it be the mile or a marathon I just don’t do it. 

That’s just a few.  There’s more but that’s a start to how I tick. 

What are some of your superstitions?

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