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Stars and stripes run

After yesterday’s 15 mile jaunt through the Palisades, my legs definitely did not have their usual zip.  However, with Voldemort just 7 weeks away today didn’t allow for a rest.  So, 10 miles – I didn’t care how slow, this is all about time on the feet.  Instead of the usual loop of a park or run on the WSH, I decided to improvise similar to my Christmas day run.

First stop at City Hall – one of the pianos placed all around the city.

A random statue on the west side by Battery Park City.  I think I was attempting to look like I was holding out a claw?  haha!

The World Trade Center – starting to actually look like something is getting built.

The whole site is HUGE.  You just don’t know til you’ve been down there.

The Statue of Liberty is out there.

The NY Stock Exchange and my thoughts of how they handled money before the recession:-p

What would my 4th of July be without a photo on my bridge?  I am Bridges Runner after all!  And the Brooklyn Bridge – that’s mine:)

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy 4th of July.  Take time to think about how lucky we are to have our freedoms today.  I definitely thought about how lucky I am to get to run and enjoy a run like today’s:)

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