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Pace skills for sale!

Today marked my first 20 miler of the season. With the urging of flygirl, I signed up as a pacer for the Long Training Run in the park. As it had been all week, the humidity was 70-80% and temps near 80. Gross. However, Mr. Sun stayed in his clouds!

I volunteered to lead the 9 min/mile group and was placed in the third tier of them. It actually worked out for the best as later I found out how the earlier groups became rabbits. How good am I? Try 8:59 pace for 20. Not bad, right? I felt really good and I’ll be curious to check out my official stats on my computer (I’m in Philly right now). I wore my heart rate monitor and I have a feeling it never rose too high as I was able to maintain conversations the entire time.

Why are my pace skills for sale? I was asked by at least 5 people if I would be at the LTR in September as well! Who knew? I had promised that I would be able to get them to the finish line safely and those that did 20, we would be as fast as our slowest person. I’m really glad I had a good run as it erases last week’s 13.1 crappy run.

With tomorrow’s run I’ll have put in 54 miles this week – crazy.

Oh, I think I can announce the true reason I was exhausted for the half. I was actually up in Providence, RI taking a certification exam for my job. I’m happy to announce that I’ve passed the exam and now have fun letters after my name (RCDD®🙂

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Burn, baby, burn!

Well it was nice while it lasted….the non-95+ weather that is!  You have to admit we’ve been pretty fortunate to be below 95 until now.  It’s just what happens in the summer in the northeast.  Hazy. Hot. Humid.  The three horrible “H’s”!  It has not let me stop yet, however.  Between the running, social, and academic…I succeeded in completing all 3 this past weekend:-)

In a nutshell my weekend went something like this: beach on Friday for the day which included turning my back the same color as our TRD shirt, restaurant week dinner at Zoe, TRD run, Coney Island, out on the town on the Lower East Side (including another one of those I love NY moments!), studying in the park, track workout at riverbank, and concluding with dinner on the UWS.  Exhausted yet from reading that;-)

I decided to head up to Riverbank tonight to get my speed fix for the week (C1 joined me).  I’m doing the 5K next Saturday and doing a speed workout in 95+ degree heat probably would not be in my best interest with less than 3 days to recover!  The plan was to get a decent workout but to monitor how I felt with the weather.  At this point, I feel like it cannot help to total exhaust everything, only deplete.  Especially since this is the end of my week.  It was still 90 degrees at 8PM so I decided upon the following: 3 x 1000m, 1 x 600m with 600m recoveries in between at ~9-9:30 pace…not too bad…a little less than my original plan but enough to get a good tough VO2 Max workout (thanks Sponge!).  My goal was to run a much more consistant workout and keep it all within my 5k goal….6:50-6:55.  Right now the conditions for next Saturday look much more favorable with a high of only 80-85…so I’m hoping at 8:30 it will only be in the 70s!

Anyway, I kept the warmup to a minimum of a 1/2 mile and then it was GAME ON.  I had made a little cheat sheet to figure out what times I need to hit for 200, 400, 600, and 1000m.  Ultimately, I succeeded in keeping it all within my given time goals as my 1000m pickups were within 4 seconds of each other.  I like that the last 200m of my last 1000m I was able to put a little bit of the afterburners on.  I feel like I’m starting to gather a feel for the pace….and hopefully this time there will be no collapse at mile 2.  The last 1000m pickup including dodging a kid that looked like a deer looking at headlights:-p As great as it was to run sub 6:30 pace for 400m last time at Riverbank, that does not qualify for what I truly can run a 5k (although more power to me if somehow my legs decide to do that right now!). In addition, I added another 600m to each pickup. 

Speed workouts on your own are a great method to see where you truly stand.  I think you get a much better feel for how you really can run.  There’s no one to push you harder, nor push you for the extra lap.  This finished up another 35+ mile week….pretty neat.  I never had this much of a mileage base…even during marathon training the past 2 years.  Storming towards 1000 miles for the year which at this point I should hit in early September…a full month earlier than last year.

Anyway, the plan for the week: Tuesday AM run, Wednesday PM run, Thursday AM run. race Saturday, Kelly Drive run on Sunday in Philly!


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Right now…

Sometimes I feel like I’m better at thinking in the future than what to do in the next week.  I always thought most people did the reverse..but I suppose there has to be an oddball in the bunch.  Things have come up that have helped me to this decision but I finally have filled out the application and will take the plunge…no not for a race, but to take my certification this fall.  This means I will get to know the wonders of studying once again (*sigh*). Naturally the test is Rosh Hashanah weekend but it’s the only time I can take it before they turn it over to a new edition. The material is a lot (2200+ pages!) but being three years into this work life, I need to start making a direction for myself.  I think this is what I need to do for right now.

Now that I’ve settled that, I’ve also decided to abort another goal for right now.  As much as I had hoped to do a tri this summer, it’s just not in the cards for right now.  I just haven’t been able to put in the necessary time of biking/swimming but I’m OK with that.  Right now, my focus is running.  And honestly, I’d be stupid to start trying to put myself in other areas at this point.  In the past few months I’ve seen my running improve immensely and I think I’m on the cusp of breaking into further speedy territory.  I’m up to 30-35 miles per week on a consistent basis and feeling in tip top shape.  I’m not going to quit biking/swimming on a recreational basis as I think it has been a huge asset to my running.  So now that makes me all the more excited for right now we are hitting prime running season….no more building up, it’s gametime baby! 

So what brought me to that decision?  Well, for one I can thank my dad.  He didn’t make the decision for me but I used him as the example.  I can do a tri later…but there’s only so many years you can get faster (OK, so I still want to PR when I’m 40…).  In any event, he’s starting tris now so why can’t I do the same later on?  I love to run so it’d be silly to give awaysomething that makes me happy.

Finally, what’s the deal with everyone’s brother getting married right now?  Not only did my brother just get married, but two coworkers brothers are getting or got married within the past two weeks, not to mention a blogger or two;-)

In any event, right now I’m off to finish off a bit more studying about cellular floor systems…I know you’re jealous…contain yourselves!

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