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Tri in 6

Woah. 6 days to the Philly sprint tri (.6 mi swim, 14.9 bike, 5k run).  When did that happen?  I signed up for the Philly tri back on Monday November 2nd.  This is all part of the grand plan: the year of 30.  As I mentioned to my friend NM during our run today, I’m so glad I’ve gone off my usual path this year.  I needed a fresh start – it keeps you on your toes and makes life all the more exciting. For me, I look at it as a celebration of my first years in NYC – turning into someone willing to try to explore new things.  It’s turned out that athletics really is a great passion for me.

As I reflect back on the time between signing up for the tri to now, I can honestly say I feel 110% more confident in what I will do out there.  Nov 2?  I was scared to death that I signed up for something I had no business signing up for.  There.  I said it.  However, those that know me, I don’t back down from a challenge; I make sure to knock it down and show it who’s boss.  Swim wise?  Could I swim? Well I could do some semblance of a crawl stroke but I loathed getting in the water.  What’s happened since?  I’ve had 5 swim classes along with my  pool time.  I’ve learned to embrace the time in the pool as recovery and it’s become a bit soothing and relaxing.  (Did I just say that about swimming?)

Biking?  I’ve honestly been very bad on this one.  With the exception of commuting to work, the 5 boro bike tour and a few rides here and there – not been able to keep on this.  I think I’ll survive.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Again, since I’m gearing up towards August 22nd, this isn’t a high priority.

Run? Umm.  Well, you know I’ll be ok with this.  I did a brick workout Friday to coincide with my commute home from work to practice what it will feel like.

I guess it’s exciting to jump into something new again.  It’s been that type of year so far.

As for this weekend’s runs:

Saturday – 16 miles from Brooklyn Heights to Washington Heights.  A solid run finishing with a few hills at the end.  Hot but fortunately minus the humidity.

Landmarked area in Washington Heights

Sunday – 9 miles over in the Palisades trails.  This one included hill repeats of the cliff stairs (screwed up the second one by only going half way down – guess I was so focused on the stairs I didn’t recognize where I was!).

A portion of the cliff stairs...they wind around and keep going UP UP UP!

Another 40 mile run week with a couple of swims and bike rides thrown in for good measure.  I am feeling really good right now – this week will be a down week for running as I prepare for Saturday.  I guess it’s time to give it a go!

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