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Here comes the sun

Yes, I realize the Beatles made this song famous but in all seriousness, NYC has craved and died for a day like today.  The last 3 months have been nothing short from miserable, cold, and blech.  Today I started my day celebrating with family a ritual for my new nephew (let’s just say for a guy I’m sure it’s painful;)).  As luck would have it, one of my brother’s friends lives in Brooklyn and gave me a ride home.  No NJT fail this time!

Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Navy Yard

As soon as I arrived home, I threw my stuff down, threw on some SHORTS!!, a long sleeve, sunglasses and sneakers.  Nothing else.  Wow – I was at least 5lbs lighter;)  Today was supposedly a ‘recovery’ day but the weather was just too supercalifragelisticexpialadocious to do that;)  As soon as my feet hit the pavement, it was as if I was running on air.  I felt amazing and could smell spring.  With each step, I felt more alive and happy to be out there.  I passed through the Hassidic section of Greenpoint and saw a few of them walking around.  Through Williamsburg and the hipsters on parade.  Over the Williamsburg bridge which was throbbing with people.  So amazing. So great.  As I weaved in and out of people it didn’t bother me.  I was just happy to be out there and free.  As I made it to the Brooklyn Bridge, the homestretch of the run, I knew it’d be a crazy scene.

It didn’t disappoint.  I think every tourist in NYC was on the bridge at 5pm.  As I weaved through the people, I gained speed.  I saw the sun starting its descent on the west side and the pretty shadows on the skyscrapers.  Heavenly.

Winding down the run I was reminded on why I run.  I run for days like today.  I run to be free from all that is around me.  To this I say, bring me another one of these tomorrow.

Runners high. Check.  6 weeks to go til Beantown.  All engines are a go.  Bring on spring.  Gotham is ready and able to handle all your happiness:)

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