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Each year the NYRR marks one 5 mile race as a race for ONLY recognized teams separated into a mens and womens race.  For the more competitive teams, you’ll find people really amped up and primed to go out for the kill. Generally it works in my favor to run just that much faster because the competition is THAT much faster.   However, this year I had August 22nd on the brain.  That made this race less important to me and more of a chance to give the legs a little turnover, than all out race.  I wanted to see what felt comfortable and roll with it.

Friday afternoon I had biked home from work to discover I had left my watch at work.  Dilemma.  Do I go back or just go “naked” for the race?  I really didn’t want to schlep back to the office and decided to use my internal pace clock.  I wasn’t going for an all out effort so this gave a great opportunity to just go by the gut and total feel.  My plan was to hit around tempo and just maintain that effort.  Again, no need to knock myself out but it can’t hurt to give a good little workout.  After watching the men, one of my friends KP gave me an old school watch just so I had some sort of vibe for the race.

While at the start corral I ran into nyflygirl and eatdrinkrun.  Always nice to put a name with the face but also a great way to calm race jitters.  I find no matter what I get them a little before the horn goes off.  My mechanism is to start gabbing away.  Anyway, the horn went off and somehow the watch never started!  So I was back at square one.  I didn’t care but I’m pretty certain I got off to a slow start.  I can’t remember my mile 1 split exactly but I think it was somewhere around 7:35-7:40.  Slower than I wanted.  I picked up the turnover just a hair and got into a groove.  It was pretty awesome – my legs felt great and the hills were no problem.  I never felt out of control and just went with what felt good.  It’s a shame I don’t have splits because I am pretty certain it was pacemaster at work.  I felt that in control.

Cruising to the finish (photo by C. Dopher)

Crossed the line in 37:27 (7:29 pace).  Felt great and best of all?  No hip discomfort at all!  It seems wearing regular shoes, constant stretch/ice/Advil has done the trick.  Knowing I ran this without turning on the afterburners gives me a lot of confidence going into the fall.  I think there’s a lot of damage to be done after August 22nd.  I have a whole lot of fitness and confidence to build off of going for marathon #3 on November 7th.

And with that, I’ve reached my last race as a F29.  It’s been a nice racing decade but I think the F30-39 will be even better.

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