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Free Agent

This is something that has been in the works  and I’ve given it ample thought: I am no longer running for the running club: The Reservoir Dogs.

It’s been a great 5 1/2 yrs and I’m thankful for everything the team has given me. Without TRD, I’m not sure I’d still be a resident of NYC. I’ve met some great friends – some still here, some moving on. So many wonderful things.  I discovered runs for food, speedwork as well as general fun times around town.

I need a change. I’ve found myself hardly running with the team anymore. I rarely attend any social functions. There’s no coached speed work which I really want to use to continue to improve. I have friends but now there are so many people who I don’t know when I do attend runs. And finally, when I did tell close friends of my decision it was a huge monkey off my back. While emotional, I know that since it felt that way, I followed my heart.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to grow and embrace change.

I think the vacation was a great time for me to put it all in perspective. I look at it as a new horizon – a new beginning.  I think it’s good to mix up the recipe now and then. After all my year of 30 has certainly been anything but routine.

So with that, I’ve stripped my affiliation for NYCM and am officially a free agent. For now, I’ll run with friends and enjoy. I need to figure out what the right fit is for me.

So thank you TRD. I’ll still cheer for you at races and remain friends. You’ve given me so much; it’s the least I can do. It certainly has been a fun ride.

The plan is to be a free agent through the rest of the year and go from there. I’d like to research a bit and find a club that fits running and social needs.  So I guess follow along on my journey…

Team Champs 2009

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Philadelphia Freedom

Funny how fast 2006 seems to be flying along.  Seems like just last week I was heading to Philly for that 10 mile race on one street.  Well yesterday I did another race in Philly but this time a 1/2 marathon and yet another goal race.  I knocked my PR to smitherines back in March and was looking to do some damage once again. 

The Speedy Beagles +1 (SL’s sister is an honorary member) were all in attendance for this race as well as half of my favorite club team…and evidentlyawwww the other half was at the XC race in Van Cortlandt:-p It definitely was hot ‘n humid once again…so much for thinking now that we’re heading to October it would be nice and cool. I started in corral 3 which allowed for a decent start.  However, there still was the problem of runners being in the wrong corral as I still managed to be passing runners probably going above 9 minute pace!

The first 5 miles was along city streets and through Center City.  My dad stuck with me for the first couple miles but then I was running on my own…or so I thought.  The race, since it was part of the Rock ‘n Roll series, had bands along the course.  Of course, since it was Eagles football Sunday, there was a band playing the Eagles fight song.  I definitely did my participation [even though it didn’t help with the final result later in the day]. The first four miles told me right away it was not a sub 1:40 day as I was holding a 7:48-7:50 pace overall. Rather than mess with the rhythm, I adjusted and decided to maintain this pace.  This would still give me a substantial PR.

The miles started to click off…and thinNO MORE GIFTS!gs were going well.  At mile 5 we were along the Kelly Drive…which is an 8.4 loop around the Schuylkill River.  It was quite quiet and serene rounding the river drive.  I did see a guy in a pink tutu and then there was the 5′ girl that was stomping her feet like she was a 6’5″ 250lb guy!  LOL! After mile 8, I started to hit a bit of a low and this is when I got the pick me up that I needed!  It was then that I hear “Hey Speedy Beagle!”.  It was Sempre Libera.  It turns out she had been right behind me the entire race:-p  I feel so used:)   Anyway, mile 9 had the hilly portion and was my slowest mile by far.  Pretty cool that my slowest mile was my half marathon pace for Brooklyn.  Pretty much the remainder of the race SL was right on my tail and I just ran my race [made for some cool photos of spot the Speedy Beagles!].  I had thought the second part of Kelly Drive was sunny so I warned SL about it…but it turns out it actually was pretty shady.  So I suppose it was a good wrong! 

At mile 10, I saw a familar uniform of my favorite club team about 20 feet ahead.  I got that eye of the tiger going and went for the kill.  Oh and the kill was made:-D  Not 2 or 3 minutes later, I saw yet another member of that club!  And yes she went down:-)  As I exited Kelly Drive, I knew the finish was near.  I could smell blood.  I knew 1:42 was in the cards so now it was time to finish this chapter.  I motored down the Parkway, as is evidence by the photo, and heard my mom shout my name at some point and crossed the finish at 1:42:31 with arms above my head. Sempre Libera was right there with me as she crossed just 5 seconds later…pretty darn cool and I’d say she’s ready for her first marathon encounter in a few weeks. 

The pacemaster strikes back!

Splits ‘r Us and another PR!
[1]7:56 [2]7:40 [3]7:54 [4]7:45 [5]7:50 [6]7:51 [7]7:48 [8]7:53 [9]8:01 [10]7:48 [11]7:49 [12]7:44 [13]7:42 [.1]:41
[5k] 24:22 (7:51 pace)
[10k] 48:38 (7:50)
[10M] 1:18:31 (7:51)
FINAL: 1:42:31 [7:49 pace]
1556/11080 overall
290/5355 females
91/1198 25-29 division
63% AG

Final thoughts?  They had Amino Vital as a sponsor which stunk!  There was no gatorade to be had. Philly appears to be my friend as two years ago this is where I set my 1/2 marathon PR which stood until the marathon last year. Sub 1:40 will have to wait until Houston.  Up next: Fifth Avenue Mile…and the question is…will this be the year my high school mile record goes down?

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Hmmph.  I haven’t posted this week.  I’ve thought about it a couple times but just felt uninspired really. Oh well it happens.

So I’ve started to swim.  Yes, that thing where you go in a body of water and go back and forth.  The water form of running. Sort of?  Let me preface this with I can think of about a million things I’d rather do then swim.  It just is not something I enjoy at this time…a lot due to not being good at it.  Monday I went with my friend SH to swim…since I knew she was a newbie too.  I did 540 yards off of zero practice which left me with the confidence I needed to know…I could complete a quarter mile swim.  Another sign that the triathlon is in my future…  I swam again on Thursday evening for 25 minutes and lived to tell the tale! Yay!  And then again today with Sempre Libera and pink monkey after a 5.25 mile run in the AM.  Triathlon here I come! Although perhaps Olympics…because according to a random passerby we looked like “3 Olympians.” ha!  So maybe we are the three M&M Olympians (see Sempre Libera’s post)

So let’s see this week….the plaza caught fire, there’s talk of a cookie olympics, and Bode Miller is still DQ’ing!

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So as mentioned below, Saturday was The Reservoir Dogs annual holiday party. Good times were had by all…some more than others;-) We were told there would be copious amounts of food…and that there definitely was not. Certain people were worse off than others…and many made statements that they probably don’t want to write home about:-D Oh dancing there was…and drinks, drinks, drinks galore. Apparently lots of doggies getting to know each other a little better…the usual goodness!

I received my golden shoe for “Best New Member”. A few select others received golden shoes as well. These awards ranged from Most Valuable “Player” to Most Improved…and everything in between! For those that are not in the know, that’s our version of an award. Way cooler than a boring certificate!

Thanks TRD for a great 2005…can’t wait for 2006.

Quote of the night: “Wow you really are a girl!” (reference to wearing a dress and not running wear)

Pictures seen here

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The Golden Shoe

Last night was the annual holiday party for The Reservoir Dogs over at the Parlour on the west side.  More to come later but I shall leave you with a photo of my glory…for I have earned myself a golden shoe!

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