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Tri in 6

Woah. 6 days to the Philly sprint tri (.6 mi swim, 14.9 bike, 5k run).  When did that happen?  I signed up for the Philly tri back on Monday November 2nd.  This is all part of the grand plan: the year of 30.  As I mentioned to my friend NM during our run today, I’m so glad I’ve gone off my usual path this year.  I needed a fresh start – it keeps you on your toes and makes life all the more exciting. For me, I look at it as a celebration of my first years in NYC – turning into someone willing to try to explore new things.  It’s turned out that athletics really is a great passion for me.

As I reflect back on the time between signing up for the tri to now, I can honestly say I feel 110% more confident in what I will do out there.  Nov 2?  I was scared to death that I signed up for something I had no business signing up for.  There.  I said it.  However, those that know me, I don’t back down from a challenge; I make sure to knock it down and show it who’s boss.  Swim wise?  Could I swim? Well I could do some semblance of a crawl stroke but I loathed getting in the water.  What’s happened since?  I’ve had 5 swim classes along with my  pool time.  I’ve learned to embrace the time in the pool as recovery and it’s become a bit soothing and relaxing.  (Did I just say that about swimming?)

Biking?  I’ve honestly been very bad on this one.  With the exception of commuting to work, the 5 boro bike tour and a few rides here and there – not been able to keep on this.  I think I’ll survive.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Again, since I’m gearing up towards August 22nd, this isn’t a high priority.

Run? Umm.  Well, you know I’ll be ok with this.  I did a brick workout Friday to coincide with my commute home from work to practice what it will feel like.

I guess it’s exciting to jump into something new again.  It’s been that type of year so far.

As for this weekend’s runs:

Saturday – 16 miles from Brooklyn Heights to Washington Heights.  A solid run finishing with a few hills at the end.  Hot but fortunately minus the humidity.

Landmarked area in Washington Heights

Sunday – 9 miles over in the Palisades trails.  This one included hill repeats of the cliff stairs (screwed up the second one by only going half way down – guess I was so focused on the stairs I didn’t recognize where I was!).

A portion of the cliff stairs...they wind around and keep going UP UP UP!

Another 40 mile run week with a couple of swims and bike rides thrown in for good measure.  I am feeling really good right now – this week will be a down week for running as I prepare for Saturday.  I guess it’s time to give it a go!

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With a nice snowstorm halting activities tonight, it’s time to think about what 2010 brings.  Yes, it will be a celebration towards the big 3-0 but what does that entail? Oh, running wise, INSANITY.  Insanity I tell you!  So what are those crazy goals to ring in the big 3-0?

1.  Boston Marathon 2010 – April 19, 2010.  I’ll be there! Awww yeah!!
2.  NYC Marathon 2010 – Qualified.  Sign up in February. November 7, 2010
3.  Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon 2010 – signed up.  June 26, 2010
4.  Philadelphia Distance Run (sorry I won’t refer to it as that new name) – September 19, 2010
5.  Empire State Building Run-up – sent in the application, find out if application accepted in early January – Feb 2, 2010


6.  PIKES PEAK MARATHON!  Sign up is in March and I have a friend out in Colorado.  It’ll be my 3-0 birthday weekend and oh what other way to celebrate other than run up and down a mountain? Ok, don’t answer that:)

Sprinkle in some other NYRR halves and whatever else may come.  And you have a pretty busy running year.

Goals time wise?

Sub 1:40 half.  Very doable.  But need to make it happen.
Sub 3:40 full.  Duh.
New 4 mile PR (28:51 currently)

Obviously, with a rigorous schedule, I will need to be careful with my training.  I’m planning to follow a similar plan to this year which is be smart and cross train.  I plan to limit running to 4x a week (max 5x certain weeks).  And most important, keep it fun.  Without that, this crazy schedule can’t become reality.  So help me realize my dreams and follow my adventures over 2010.

2009, you’ve been fun but 2010 – I’m coming for you!

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