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Free Agent

This is something that has been in the works  and I’ve given it ample thought: I am no longer running for the running club: The Reservoir Dogs.

It’s been a great 5 1/2 yrs and I’m thankful for everything the team has given me. Without TRD, I’m not sure I’d still be a resident of NYC. I’ve met some great friends – some still here, some moving on. So many wonderful things.  I discovered runs for food, speedwork as well as general fun times around town.

I need a change. I’ve found myself hardly running with the team anymore. I rarely attend any social functions. There’s no coached speed work which I really want to use to continue to improve. I have friends but now there are so many people who I don’t know when I do attend runs. And finally, when I did tell close friends of my decision it was a huge monkey off my back. While emotional, I know that since it felt that way, I followed my heart.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to grow and embrace change.

I think the vacation was a great time for me to put it all in perspective. I look at it as a new horizon – a new beginning.  I think it’s good to mix up the recipe now and then. After all my year of 30 has certainly been anything but routine.

So with that, I’ve stripped my affiliation for NYCM and am officially a free agent. For now, I’ll run with friends and enjoy. I need to figure out what the right fit is for me.

So thank you TRD. I’ll still cheer for you at races and remain friends. You’ve given me so much; it’s the least I can do. It certainly has been a fun ride.

The plan is to be a free agent through the rest of the year and go from there. I’d like to research a bit and find a club that fits running and social needs.  So I guess follow along on my journey…

Team Champs 2009

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