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This weekend I jumped a plane to head to Orlando for a class for work to learn about wireless stuff. Oh the joys. However, this got me thinking.

Why haven’t I just jumped a plane to go somewhere before? Sure I’ve done my own thing to Europe (stayed with a friend but mostly toured myself) but never a bonefide escape for me.

Hmmm. I think that will need to change. Where to folks?

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Back from my European tour!

So I’m back from Budapest and Prague. Here’s a sampling from Budapest. What an amazing city and experience. Europe again in 2008? Highly possible.

Parliament on the Danube in Budapest Parliament on the Danube in Budapest
This is the Parliament by night along the Danube. It’s the third largest Parliament building in Europe!
Agriculture Museum Agriculture Museum
Who knew? I didn’t. It looks more like a castle.
Fisherman's Bastion Fisherman’s Bastion
Hanging out at Fisherman’s Bastion. Still seems surreal I was there..
Dohány Street Synagogue Dohány Street Synagogue
Second largest synagogue in the world!
Millenary Monument Millenary Monument
Located in Heroes Square at the end of Andrassy.

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1. Add an extra day to the usual weekend.  My mini vacation started Thursday evening:-)
2.Spend as much time as possible in Central Park or some outside space
3. Have a picnic with friends in Central Park.
4. RUN – both in Central Park and up at Rockefeller Estates Preserve.  Make sure to have a guide to take you through the most brutal hill from both ways.  It makes it all the more worth it:-)  Of the 9 miles, probably 6.5 up (see here). 
5. Finish the weekend with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop.  Yep, made a trip to the water taxi beach in Long Island City. 
6. Perfect weather:-)
7.  Two parties.

So this was just what the doctor ordered.  And with that, my summer is starting!

Running update: My mileage has taken me closer to 30mpw which is exactly where I want to be before my training begins. Last Wednesday I did the same workout I did as my comeback speed workout a month ago.  Wow, what a difference!  It felt 110% easier.  We’ll see what happens but things are looking good from my vantage point.

The Rockefeller run was great!  You don’t go there for a flat and easy run.  However, our guide ended up taking us to the part off the map which definitely has some of the nastiest hills in my opinion.  I didn’t run as strong as I know I can on those hills but getting through them is definitely an excellent sign.  However, my 4 mile run yesterday was definitely tough. 

Welcome to summer! YAY!

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A sample of my week in Austria:

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Flights have been booked!  I’m heading to Austria at the end of April!  What is included in this trip?  How about this?  No, not the full 26.2.  I’ll be part of a relay team;0)  What? You thought I could go somewhere without something running related involved?  Shame on you!

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I think so anyway.  If I were to be diagnosed a little over a week ago, I’d be diagnosed with work fever…too much work and not enough play!  This past week was great…I was able to sleep, eat, run, and read on the wonderful and laid back Cape Cod.  I even ran a 10K last Saturday in Hyannis!

I was able to set up my long run schedule till the Marine Corp Marathon on October 30:
August 6 – 12 miles
August 13 or 14 – 15 miles
August 20 or 21 – 8-10 miles
August 28 – Manhattan 1/2 marathon (+3)
September 4 or 5 – 12-14 miles
September 10 or 11 – 15-17 miles
September 17-18 – Reach the Beach Relay!
September 24-25 12-14 miles
October 1 or 2 – 20 miles
October 8 or 9 – 12 – 15 miles
October 15 or 16 – 20-22 miles
….taper on down…..

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That’s right. I’m taking my first FULL week vacation since I started work over 2 years ago!  I’m heading to Cape Cod for the week….which should be complete relaxation!  As a matter of fact, things are so laid back…things go in reverse:)

Anyway, before I go as most have heard the big news is NYC’s reaction to the bombings in London.  We now may be subjected to random searches of bags/packages in the subways/buses.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  One is that the city’s job is to keep people safe and this may be a way to start to try and create a prevention.  You can never really prevent someone from blowing themselves up but perhaps deter them by the fact that they may be searched before reaching their “destination.”  However, at the same time, how do you really think this will be random?  Who’s more likely to be searched with a bag: a white wall street guy or the middle eastern man with a backpack? I tend to think that most people will be OK with this because most have nothing to hide.  I mean I’ll show my bag to any officer without a problem…I carry a backpack most days to work because I have my gym clothes and makeup.  They’re the ones that have to smell it;0)

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