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Doing my part

So I volunteered for the NYC Marathon this year.  I felt since I am always the one participating, it would be nice to give back just once.  So, if you are running the marathon NOVEMBER 6TH, I will be at the library loading the buses.  Yes, I realize the date.  The letter is mislabeled.  Talk about a big snafu!  I plan to be there November 5th at an even earlier hour than you will be;-)  I’m sure I’ll do the “what the heck was I thinking” thing at a later date but for now: EXCITING!  If you’re running, make sure to look for me!

The other big news? I’ve booked my flight to Houston!  I’m heading to the Lonestar state in January.

For now, it’s off to bed.  Got to get up and run in the pitch black soon:-p  Oh and you better believe I’ll be in shorts!

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