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Baby Steps

Two weeks ago I spoke of being on the true road to recovery.  Today I can say that two weeks have brought me so close to being back.  I can feel it.  Each time I lace up the shoes and head out the leg feels stronger.  It’s tough to be patient but it seems to be paying off.  Special thanks to those that have helped to hold me back this time and take things slow.

Last night I joined the team for our weekly speed workout.  Once again I stayed back in the 9 minute group for my “speed”.  Unlike two weeks ago, I felt nothing.  There wasn’t even a weird sensation of pressure on the calf.  I felt great.  After a mile warmup to meet the group and another 1+ mile to the workout area,  I dialed the 9 minute pace and did mile repeats.  It was easy.  Even though the distance turned out to be longer than a mile, I could feel the pace.  When we got to the final repeat, I turned to a fellow teammate and just said “I’m back!.”  Still a humbling experience to be passed again and again but no pain is the thing I need to focus on for now. It also felt great to be running in a tank top and shorts again.  It made it much easier to go west for post speed dinner.

Not surprisingly SNOW is in the forecast for Friday.  That’s March for you (and the ides of March today!).  Boo!!!!  I’m ready for the warmer weather and my bike is too!

Work has been kicking me in the you-know-what lately. I was able to quickly fill out brackets so we’ll see how it goes using absolutely no judgement for picks.nbsp; I’ve actually been taking work home because I can’t finish at the office.  The red pencil has been getting a workout this week! (For those not in the know, it’s what is used to mark up or “red line” drawings for someone to pick up on AutoCAD)

I also got another date to mark in red: June 7th.  I’ll be taking a super important exam. Time to map out a study schedule!


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snow day

Remember when snow used to be fun? Remember when you used to stay up really late in anticipation of a day off (from school)? Uh, yeah, not so much anymore! Oh to be that excited school kid again:-p

Now I’m a grumpy, tired adult on a train traveling for work. 430am wakeups are bad for the soul!

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Why am I awake?

I am going back to Biloxi tomorrow…or today?  Car picking me up at 4:45am…it is now 12:17am…I will get 4 hours of sleep. What am I doing awake?

In any event, back to the deep south for 3 days….this time it will be in the low to mid 90s with some steamy humidity thrown in for good measure.

I’ve got my hard hat ready…

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Yes, it’s true even I can reach a breaking point. I have reached that with my job. As mentioned Friday, it’s been nonstop work…no play. Well, finally my body revolted last night in a violent way. I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say I lost my marbles:-/ However, it didn’t matter because I knew I had to go to work anyway to finish a project of which NO one else in my department can do….it involves having clearance. So I went and finished…not sure how accurate but it’s done.

This past weekend I also worked all weekend. Worked till 9:30 on Friday, another 6 1/2 hours on Saturday and had to go to DC on Sunday. Not fun and not good when your body is running on fumes as it is. Yes I may be whining but it’s my blog:-p

Anyway, hopefully things will get better. Fortunately it’s the off season but it’s still not something that I plan to become consistant.

So I suppose I’ll finish with this…as Phil has tagged me to fill out a meme.

Four jobs you have had in your life:

Worked in a nursing home kitchen (yuck!)

Blockbuster (free movies!)

Rescom computer support (talk about pressing patience)

Telecom infrastructure engineer

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Shawshank Redemption

Happy Gilmore (hey it’s just funny in that non thinking way)

Ferris Bueller’s Day off (come on how many of us have watched this while home sick on TNT or whatever)

Grosse Point Blank

Four places you’ve lived:

Richboro, PA

University Park, PA

State College, PA

New York, NY

Four TV shows you love to watch:


West Wing


Seinfeld (I still watch those reruns!)

Four places you’ve been on vacation:


London, England

Nagoya, Japan (for a month!)

Florida (have to mention this since the grandparents and 1/2 my mom’s side of the family is down there)

Four of your favorite foods:

Peanut Butter!!!!!!!! (’nuff said)

mom’s home cooking

Chocolate almost anything:-p

cereal (i’m a huge breakfast person)

Four sites I visit daily:


blogs (duh)


The Reservoir Dogs

Four Bloggers you are tagging:

El Profe

Sempre Libera



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Update eventually…

Me and my job are busy right now. Whether or not we’re on the same page…different story. I’ll be working the weekend (including DC on Sunday) and don’t have off Monday. Yeah, not a happy camper.

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I New York

me in a hard hat and being all engineer-likeSometimes you don’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it. I’m sure this is not a news flash to most of you out there. However, I definitely felt this, this past week when I was away from the city that I now safely call home: New York. Mississippi, my friends, is definitely not my home. It’s made worse by the accommodations I had…or lack there of.

Tuesday evening was the Orange Bowl. Penn State played in its first MAJOR bowl game since the 1994 season when they played in the Rose Bowl…and finished undefeated (and got screwed over for the national championship…but we won’t go there). Anyway, I was looking forward to watching the game with my alumni group at a bar in the city. However, instead, I spent 3/4 of the game in limbo between NYC and Biloxi. By the time I arrived, it was the end of the fourth quarter and I was driving from the airport to my “hotel.” I hesitate to use hotel as a) there was no telephone in the room b) no cable tv (one channel on the tv…in complete snow!) and c) no internet. Fortunately the one “snow” channel was the PSU game…so I was able to watch the triple OT battle in which Penn State came out victorious over the Florida State Criminoles in triple OT.

The rest of the week was spent working by day and bored to tears by night. I couldn’t even really do work from the hotel since I had no access to my work VPN.

I didn’t run while down there either since I literally stayed in the “hurricane zone.” The beach is still littered with debris and still looks more reminiscent of a war zone. I hope that my company’s engineering services can help in some small way to revitalize the area. We’ll see.

This weekend was spent enjoying the city that I love. I ran a lot. This included my first long run of the year with Sempre Libera, her sister and AB. Two 4 mile loops including an 8:20 min/mile pace for the second loop. Rock on. Which reminds me…now you can track my progress in 2006 running….if you head to the side links and click on “Follow my running.”

Which leads me to my 2006 plans for running. February 5th is the Gridiron Classic which marks my second anniversary….in NYRR racing! Unfortunately, the 5K is gone and it is now a 4 miler…where have all the 5ks gone??? Makes me sad. And it seems I know I won’t run the Manhattan 1/2 marathon this year either…as it is now in January…so from the hottest 1/2 to probably the chilliest! So yeah…February 5…mark it down…my return to racing. Mmmmm can’t wait to get back to it….

Well time to head to bed…5 day week ahead….yuck.

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So I’ve been a road warrior this week. I’m back in Mississippi for work…this time for longer than 6 hours. It’s been a hectic week as I’ve been working like crazy and on my feet all day. I definitely have noticed a turnaround from November when I was down here last. There is at least some attempt to start construction of the area. However, the hotel I am staying at is not one of the areas! Let’s just say I was lucky to have electricity! I’ll write more later but as for now I’m getting ready to head onto the airplane and head back home to NYC!

That image is of a nearby hotel/casino…as you can see the “casino” is still part of the Gulf of Mexico… 

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As if the bomb scare and blackout in ’03 were not enough…we now have the next event that could shape for a good story to tell the kids later…a striking Transit Workers Union.

My first question: Why can’t they have these contracts end in May or June??? Why the middle of December??? This is just plain evil.

I also officially have work Friday should the strike occur. We received an email yesterday saying that work is open and if you live in Manhattan and can share space…let the office manager know. One should also note my office party is tomorrow night…that should make for a delightful “commute”! That and the fact that its supposed to be snow/sleet/ice/rain….should make for a pleasant 3.5 mile hike…well if I’m actually here.

You see I may have to go back to hurricane ravaged Mississippi tomorrow for the day again…ugh. I’m hoping that I am not screwed and forced into that because then I’ll miss the fun party and not to mention I have no idea when I’d get back into town…and what crap I’d face to get home should the storm and strike hit. Oh the joys of being the youngin’…uh no.

So yes…strike. The MTA and city of New York has issued contingency plans should the strike occur. Not to mention there are restricted areas where cars cannot drive. I don’t know…I’m starting to get a little worried about this. Everyone has been saying this happens everytime the contract is up but now we’re really getting to the gun. There’s just a day and a half left…and it feels like nothing has been done.

Basically for those that not involved in the NYC hoopla…there’s the Transit Workers Union in one corner and the MTA in the other. The TWU wants 8% raises every year for 3 years (hahahahahahahahha!) and the MTA has offered 3% for the first year, 2% the second depending on if the TWU gives up “a” sick day. TWU workers want the retirement age down to 55 from 62…uh yeah. MTA wants TWU to give 2% to health benefits (up from 0%). Naturally, this is all public so what’s behind closed doors…we don’t know. I just feel like this animosity has been building up for months…from the now defunct stadium to the 2 sets of cooked books to the fare hike to the now “surplus” the MTA magically found. A lot of shadiness on both sides in my mind.

It gets better. Due to a law called Taylor’s Law, it is illegal for the TWU to strike. If they do, they face HEAVY duty fines. MTA filed a lawsuit for an injunction which the court ruled in favor of…so now EACH member of the TWU could face $25,000 fine and/or jail time for each day they don’t go to work!

And who really gets screwed? You, me, and everyone in NYC. The fact remains its the low income people that are really in a bind. They won’t be able to get to work…and earn their paycheck. The city loses out on a whole lot of business. I get to have a wonderful bout of Raynaud’s because I’m positive I’ll have no feeling in my fingers and toes by the time I get to work. Although perhaps I can get my run in…it’s about 3.5 miles each way. Yeah, thanks MTA and TWU…you’re really making us have a more favorable opinion.

At least I got out of going to Mississippi tomorrow…although I really do feel like the icon photo…;-)

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Protected: Bad/worse game

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Doldrums of winter

It’s certainly bad news when you feel like you’ve hit the doldrums of winter and it isn’t even winter yet. Oi vey. Not sure what it is but just feel so blah and uninspired lately. Work just feels like a work of going through the motions even though I have been putting in the hours and work..trust me on that one. I shouldn’t feel surprised…this happens every year. It doesn’t mean I ever get used to it…nor will I ever like it. At least running and working out like a crazy woman helps somewhat..not to mention having some awesome people as support staff these days;)

Anyway, so I’ve been running through it all. After the tempo run with Sempre Libera Tuesday night, I ended up waking up early on Wednesday to do a strength training session. Last night I led The Reservoir Dogs group run in Central Park. I said we’d do 9 minute miles and what do you know…we did the 6 mile loop in 54 flat. Boo yeah. Then as a cap to the week I woke up this morning for the spinning class at the gym at 6:30am. Yes it was snowing like crazy but that doesn’t stop me. I wanted my last workout before the 10K on Sunday morning!

After the 10K, I’ll be meeting up with fellow NYC Bloggers for brunch. That should be neat to finally see who these people behind the screens are…perhaps;)

Other than that the family is coming to visit tomorrow so at least that will keep my routine of no running the day before a race alive:) I also need to get on the ball about holiday gifts…oops.

I’m getting closer to taking the plunge and being a host for New Years….as in hosting a party! Last thing to do is make sure the roomie doesn’t mind.

Guess I should finish stuff up before meeting up with Roadbunner for lunch…

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